The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
March 2009 Meeting

Host Darrell Lehman

We had a great day of OTAPS fun in Seattle. Darrell brought several tables full of catalogs and pamphlets. A true site to behold. We had fun with the swap tables and Show and Tell. Stan Stanford brought a great Victrola Clock. Harvey Kravitz presented a really interesting Zonophone that was very similar to a Victrola IV but with a unique decal, knobs and reproducer. Kurt Johnson had some old catalogs that showed some pretty great old stuff.

The Show and Tell then morphed into the telling of some really fun stories about great finds:

  • Larry Karp told us about finding a mint condition Excelsior Pearl phonograph. There are pictures below of his machine. Watch for an article in The Sound Box (CAPS) about the Pearl and how it was found.
  • Jerry Blais told the story of his $125 Pooley Flat Top VTLA. Yes, $125!
  • Bob Carver told the story of his finding a Hand Wind Berliner for around $200 when he was in college and broke. He had to talk his step dad into buying it. It is now the pride of his step dads collection.
  • John Hoffman told the story of crawling down inside an unstable well to rescue a Berliner horn.

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