The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
October 2, 2011 Meeting

Hosts Mike Stitt and Loran Hugues

We had a great time in Southern Oregon in early October. Our hosts were Mike Stitt and Paula York at the first stop and Loran and Genetta Hughes for the second. Between the rides in the Ford Motel T, the interesting and varied collections at both the Stitt and Hughes homes, we had a lot of fun. And to top it all off we have food most of the day culminating in a wonderful barbecue at the Hugues home.

And, don't miss Harvey's beautifully restored Edison Idelia. This has been a passionate project for Harvey and he was assisted by OTAPS member Stever Farmer to achieve a most beautiful outcome. You will see in the pictures below how well his persistance paid off.

Click on an image to see the full size image.