The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
October 2, 2010 Meeting

Hosts Steve Farmer / Brice Paris

What a rare treat we had in store for us in southern Oregon in October. Two very gracious hosts allowed us into their homes and shared collections, stories, food and fun with us. The day started at the home of Steve and Judy Farmer. A world class restorer of phonographs, Steve has a wonderful private collection and a workshop that was the envy of all that attended. After talking and looking around we had the chance to sample Steve and Judy's fantastic barbeque hamburgers. Then we all headed down the road to the home of Brice and Kathleen Paris. This beautiful home is full of a wonderful collection of phonographs, antiques, exquisite furniture, statuary, advertising and lots of warm coziness. We enjoyed walking around seeing the house, talking, drinking Edison beer (brought home a case at a time by Brice on the airplane from Salt Lake City), and eating terrific food for hours and hours.

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