The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
March 3, 2012 Meeting

Host Becky Palmer

The meeting at the home of Becky Palmer was a very nice event full of nice phonographs, a beautiful house, games, and prizes. The meeting had everything. We had a great turn out and a few phonograph realated items changed hands. All in all a great day.

Once again Harvey Kravitz brought an unusual show and tell item that you will see below. Here is his description of the machine.

The Languagephone is a late model Columbia BZ circa 1914-5 with the special decal. As we all know, the BZ is a very scarce model. What makes this unusual is the Languagephone decal on the front, and the hearing tube. The tubing is new. The tubes use the same hearing device as Dr. Rosenthal's Language course on a Cylinder Q. There is a volume control on the metal tube. When the course was completed, the hearing tube were usually thrown out and a horn replaced on the machine. That is why they are so scarce today.

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