The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
July 2018 Meeting

Russ and Joanna Ridley - July 28, 2018

The OTAPS Victoria Experience

Many thanks to Russ and Joanna Ridley who hosted the OTAPS Canada experience in Victoria, BC. They were great hosts who provided great food, beautiful phonographs to look at, and phonograph mugs filled with goodies for us to take home!! There were OTAPS people from the States, the Vancouver BC area and Vancouver Island (Victoria and surrounding communities). I didn’t do an official count, but I believe there were about 25-30 of us enjoying the phonograph wonders of British Columbia. The beautiful Ridley home is filled with phonographs, music boxes and related items. Thanks again to Russ and Joanna for being such wonderful hosts and thanks for sharing your beautiful home, city, province and country with all of us.

Stan and Suzann Stanford

I second Stan's thoughts on the meeting. It was one of the best and if you missed it you really missed a good one. Great hospitality, great food and drink, and a fantastic gramophone home. It was nice to reconnect with some of the Canadian Collector’s who we don’t get to see very often (Daryl and Kim, Jan and Harold, Bruce, and, Don and then our fantastic Hosts Joanna, Finnegan, and, oh yes Russ. The door prizes were fantastic and are going to be a hard act to follow. Especially the coffee cup that documents the famous phono quote:

    If you can see the floor there is room for more

Thanks Joanna, Finnegan, and Russ.

Brice and Kathleen Paris

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