The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
July 2017 Meeting

Larry and Ben Hawes - July 8, 2017

So many thanks to all of you that attended our July club meet today. I so appreciate your taking the time and long drive to come here on a weekend that frankly might have been the most very busy for most of you in all the year.

First, to my family that pulled together and really made the day work from ordering the food to making sure that there was always someone to assist me in making sure all the "Dad" requests were done correctly and on time. No way could this happen without them.

To our leaders, Stan and Dan that make our club work and foster a continuing good relationship with all members and tireless effort to continue to find new members.

And, most important, to all of you that were so kind and frankly just a such a bunch of really nice people. Lots of fun and so helpful and complementary.

This is why OTAPS exists.

One new member arrived shortly after all had left (had a work conflict). We are happy to have him as he brings a long line of interesting input to our hobby.

To Tiffany Williams that I asked to assist on a "short" insurance protection presentation that I believed would be of interest to everyone. She did an outstanding job and our many thanks to her to provide us with needed info on this important subject. Gad, a 10 minute presentation was 45 minutes with lots of questions from you folks and I hope information you can use with your personal insurance professional to help you safeguard your collections.

Larry Hawes


Thanks for the great meeting at your home. We saw machines that we can see no where else in the country, not just within OTAPS. What a treat!! Thanks for feeding us and making the day so enjoyable. I thought Tiffany’s presentation was outstanding. It made us all think about insurance and how it relates to our collections.

Stan Stanford

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