The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society - OTAPS
OTAPS History

The History

The Beginning: OTAPS was started in 1997 by a group of Pacific Northwest phonograph and record collectors that had been meeting for years at the Salem "Sounds of Nostalgia" show. The original group decided they should start a club to assist in getting together, sharing information, and sharing all the cool stuff they owned. In April 1997 the first flyer was sent out announcing the first meeting. In May of 1997 the first OTAPS meeting was held at the home of Jerry and DeeDee Blais.

First president: Jerry Blais
First secretary/treasurer: Dona Miller

Today: The group currently has 61 members and has very engaging meetings all around the Northwest about 4 times a year.

Current president: Stan Stanford
Current treasurer/webmaster: Dan Melvin

A bit of Nostalgia

Old OTAPS Logo

You may recognize the logo above from earlier OTAPS documents and websites. This was the first logo and was used for many years. Some OTAPS folks didn't like it for historical accuracy reasons. Others pointed out that covered wagons came to Oregon as late as the 1st decade of the 20th century. In any case, since 2008 we have had "Dripper" so the covered wagon has been retired. Even if you don't like the idea of the image, it is a very nice piece of graphic art and a part of OTAPS history.

Dripper Cake Thanks to Bob and Cay Thomsen 2018