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The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society (OTAPS) is comprised of 61 phonograph and record collectors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Montana, and British Columbia. Meetings are held quarterly at members' homes on a rotational basis.

Visitors please feel free to look around. Some pages contain information only available to members.

Phono Phun: The Amazing Flying Nippers

Membership and Dues

OTAPS dues are $7.00 per year. Dues reminders are mailed to members in early December each year.

If interested in joining OTAPS or updating your current information please Click Here.

Please also consider joining the Antique Phonograph Society. It is worth joining just for the The Sound Box magazine that come out several times per year. There are samples of the magazine and selected articles on the website. It is the best connection around for antique phonograph information and a must for the serious collector.

OTAPS Contact Information

Stan Stanford: president
Dan Melvin: treasurer/webmaster
Loran Hughes: web server and email list
E-mail OTAPS at info@otaps.org